Intelligent Roof Care

Why do in need to inspect and maintenance my roof regularly?


It is widely known that failure to perform even the most basic routine roof maintenance will shorten the expected service life of a roof by 30-50 percent.  Most early roof failures will not be covered by your new roof guarantee due to failure to perform basic roof maintenance and inspection.


All of the below may result in early roof failure an go unnoticed for months if your roof is not inspected an maintained routinely.


  • Clogged rain gutters, downspouts and roof drains result in roof leaks and wood decay.
  • Loose foliage debris left on your roof dams draining water and attracts nesting insects and carpenter ants.
  • Impact to your roof from wind driven debris, lightning strikes, hail and golf balls will crack and damage any roof surface.
  • Damage to your roof surface during roof cleaning and tree trimmers is common place, particularly in communities that require strict roof cleaning and tree trimming requirements.


Commercial roofing manufactures warn that it is the responsibility of the building owner to provide necessary maintenance and inspection of their roof and that failure to provide the necessary roof maintenance may result in premature deterioration of the roof system, that otherwise could have been avoided. It is further noted that when a warranty is in effect, failure to provide proof of routine roof maintenance and inspection may void the warranty in part or in whole.


The National Roofing Contractors Association and Roof Product Manufacturers recommend that roof maintenance and inspection be performed twice per year. Rooftec recommends Spring and/or Fall inspection and maintenance; in the Spring, prior to Hurricane Season to know that roof is ready for Florida’s hashish weather conditions and/or in the Fall, after Hurricane Season to identify damage caused by tropical storms and hurricanes.